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"What does Brazos Natural Foods sell?"

BreadsSprouted-grain, gluten-free, yeast-free breads, and a variety of tortillas, bagels, and buns. Ask about availability of offerings from local bakers.
Dairy foods - including Vegan alternativesYogurts, cheeses, milk (A2 and unhomogenized regularly stocked), butters and cream. Mostly organic and pastured, as applicable. Dairy includes sheep and goats' milk options, and dairy-free includes cashew, almond, coconut and hemp bases. Questions about Raw Milk visit: Real Milk.
Dried HerbsWe carry dried herbs and spices, Organic and Fair-Trade whenever available. They sell by weight, so you can get just what you need. Most are available in 1 lb. packages for a discount.
Dry groceriesCondiments including gluten-free, soy-free and vegan options, sauces, pastas, teas, chips, crackers, cookies, cooking oils (olive, avocado, ghee, coconut, sesame and more), canned/boxed fruits, veggies, fishies and beans. Plus more!
Fresh Organic produceStaples such as onions, apples and sweet potatoes, and seasonal variations such as berries, grapes and citrus
Frozen foodsOrganic beef, bison from local suppliers, chickens, pizzas, entrees, ice cream and non-dairy desserts, vegetables and fruits. 
Herbal productsTraditional and newly studied herbs to support the body's natural functions. Available in capsules, extracts, and bulk.
Gluten-free foods.Pastas, bread mixes, breads, condiments, bars, etc.
Herbs, vitamins/minerals and formulasWe carry multivitamins, single vitamins and minerals, herbs as simples or formulations, and an assortment of specialized
preparations according to need.
Homeopathic remedies From Boiron, Hyland's, B&T and more.


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